Cooperative Education

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The Work-Based Placement Option

The Lycoming Career & Technology Center has established working partnerships with many area businesses encompassing a variety of career fields.  Through placement in actual job sites, students learn the responsibilities of good employees including punctuality, appearance and work ethics.  Students must also attend a related theory class every two weeks, which reinforces these issues and also included topics such as resume writing, interview skills, and completion of job applications.

Eligibility for Cooperative Education: Student must complete two years in a LycoCTC program and completed competences required for each program to have the privilege to apply for a Co-Op position during their third year.  Students then will go through an interview process with interested employers.


  • To allow the student to broaden and further his or her knowledge by working with business and industry partnerships
  • Provide the student with an opportunity to experience the “world of work”
  • Provide the student with an opportunity to acquire career awareness and goals
  • Opportunity to earn money while in high school


For the student:

  • Learn while you earn
  • Become responsible and self-motivated
  • Build self-esteem
  • Get acquainted with business and industry standards
  • Acquire work ethics
  • Possible hire after graduation
  • Ease transition from school to work

Student Requirements:

Prior to the first day of work students:

  • Must be recommended by Instructor, Workforce Development Coordinator, High School Principal, Parent/Guardian and Director
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from work
  • Must be covered under parent or school insurance
  • Must receive parent permission
  • Must have good attendance and discipline record
  • Must provide copy of working permit to Workforce Development Coordinator, if under age 18 prior to first day of work
  • Must provide Workforce Development Coordinator with a completed level 3 application.
  • Provide a signed copy of Student Rules and Regulations Packet to the Workforce Development Coordinator.
  • Must have completed training agreement and training plan forms filled out and given to Workforce Development Coordinator prior to first day of work

Student Guidelines before and during work:

  • Provide to the Workforce Development Coordinator, a Weekly Journal Sheet completed by the student and signed by the mentor or supervisor
  • Participation in standardized tests with his or her related cluster if necessary.  Example: National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI)
  • The student is responsible for transportation to and from work
  • To contact the Workforce Development Coordinator of any issues regarding work; including safety, hours, complaints, etc.
  • Student will not quit his or her job or change employment without first meeting with Workforce Development Coordinator & mentor/supervisor.




Participating Businesses

Resource Information on Cooperative Education and Child Labor Laws:

Pennsylvania Cooperative Education Association

The Lycoming Career and Technology Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs or activities.  Career and Technical program offerings include:  Automotive Technology, Building Construction, Computer Service Technology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Diversified Occupations, Drafting and Design, Early Childhood Education,  and Health Careers.  Inquiries may be directed to  The Lycoming Career and Technology Center’s Title IX  coordinator or Section 504 coordinator at 293 Cemetery St., Hughesville, PA  17737 or 570-584-2300.