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Culinary Rubric

Welcome to the Lycoming Career and Technology Center, Culinary Arts program.  We will be spending time this year learning about the aspects of different culinary arts components, from cooking techniques to dining room procedures.  We will learn to become skilled technicians in the following areas: sanitation, safety, knife skills, cooking techniques, menu development, nutrition, on/off premise catering, work ethics.

My responsibility, as your teacher, is to present the material in an organized manner; help you on an individual basis when needed; and guide you to a thorough understanding of the culinary arts field.  My goal is for each of you to be successful!

Your responsibility, as a student, is to come to class prepared, wear professional uniform, complete projects and assignments in a timely manner, and respect everyone involved in your learning at Lyco CTC.

Course Texts:

The Culinary Professional
John Draz and Christopher Koetke

Lab Manual

Study Guide

Numerous Cook Books




Student grades are based on a total point system.  Points will come from class work, homework, labs, participation, quizzes and tests.  Your grades will be broken down in the following manner:

Knowledge – Projects, Worksheets & Tests:             25%

Skills – Hands-On Skill Evaluations                         20%

Professional Development – Portfolio                      5%

Work Ethic – See Below                                              50%

WorkEthic” 10 points are made available for you to earn each day which accounts for 50% of your grade.  These points are awarded as follows.

On Task / Busy – 4 pts Organized – 2 pts Cooperation – 2 pts Attire-2pts

Be Productive

Complete Assignments

Use Time Wisely

Ready for Class

Workstation Clean-up


Time Management

Be Prepared for Class

Follow Directions

Solve Problems

Positive Attitude / Behavior



Requirements for Class:

  • Black Pen
  • Uniform – Students will be required to wear black chef coat, tan chef pants, black hat, closed toe “slip resistant” black shoes. All except the shoes can be purchased through the school at a discount price. All students are required to have two full sets. The price of the uniform is $57.50 each. If unable to meet the financial burden for the uniforms feel free to contact me.
  • Students are required to have a clean “professional” uniform each and every day.
  • Uniforms maybe cleaned and stored at school but at the STUDENTS responsibility.
  • NO JEWELRY MAYBE WORN AT ANY TIME WHILE IN CLASS.  This is an safety issue and will not be tolerated.
  • Upon arriving to class students must change promptly; failure to do so will affect their work ethic grade.


As a student in the Culinary Program, you are expected to:

  • act safely at all times.
  • maintain good attendance
  • not be critical of other students’ work
  • keep a positive attitude.
  • follow instructions.
  • ask questions.
  • finish what you start.
  • take responsibility for your actions.
  • show respect for others by allowing them to finish their work uninterrupted.
  • take pride in yourself and your work.
  • help others whenever you can.

As a student in the Culinary Program, you can expect your instructor to:

  • give you 100% effort
  • treat you as you deserved to be treated.
  • try to understand your point of view.
  • lead by example.
  • help you prepare for employment or continuing education in the culinary arts field.
  • defend you when you are right.
  • provide current, useful information.
  • never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do.

Daily Classroom Procedures


  • Report to class immediately after your bus arrives.
  • If you need an excused/unexcused pass because of absence, stop in the office before reporting to the class.
  • Upon arrival to the classroom prepare for class by having a professional clean uniform on.
  • Obtain a seat in the dining room and await directions from the instructor.
  • When a visitor enters the classroom you must act in a professional manor, as for we are in the customer service industry.
  • When assigned to be the sous chef you must be able to direct the class in a professional manor, treat others how you would want to be treated.
  • Students will be required to follow the directions of the sous chef/chef upon clean up time.
  • Return all equipment, text books, notebooks, laptops, and assignments to their proper location.  If you are taking an item home, you must sign out when taking and sign back in when returning.
  • Wait for dismissal from the instructor at the end of class.

Classroom Policies

Internet Usage – Always ask before accessing the Internet – Not asking could result in your loss of Internet privileges.

Electronic Devices – Keep cell phones and other electronic devices turned off and put away otherwise they will be turned into the office for your parents to retrieve.

Assignments – All assignments are due as announced in class and should be completed using black ink or pencil when doing sketches.  10 points will be deducted for each day your assignment is late.Your name and date are required on all assignments.  2 points will be deducted for each missing name & date.

Cheating – Sharing or copying your assignments or tests will result in a 0 for the assignment/test and a meeting with the director and instructor as well as a phone call to your parents.

Absence & Makeup Work – If you are absent it is your responsibility to go to the instructor for any missed assignments.  You will be given 2 days for each day of absence to complete and turn in any missed assignments.  If you have a planned absence you need to see the instructor at least 2 days ahead of time for assignments that will be due during your absence.

Hats & Hoods – No hats or hoods in classroom or hallway.  First offense will result in the instructor taking the hat for the day.  Second offense the student’s parents will need to pick the hat up from Lyco CTC office.

Horse playing – Do not touch other people, horse playing will not be tolerated.

Food/Drink – No food or drink unless approved by instructor.No fingernail polish- maybe worn while in class and or at functions

Functions- students are required to complete “two” after school events per year, failure to do so will affect you final grade.