Right To Know Contact Information

  • Please fill out the Right to Know Request Form. Contact our Right to Know officer for further instructions:

    Patricia Kepner

    Board Secretary

    Lycoming Career and Technology Center

    293 Cemetery St.

    Hughesville, PA  17737


    phone: 570-584-2300

        fax: 570-584-2401   



    Record Type Fee

    Paper copies: $.25 per page

    Certification of a record: $1.00 per record

    Specialized documents: actual cost

    (for example, but not limited to, blueprints, color copies, non-standardized size documents)

    fax/other media:  actual cost

    conversion to paper:  $.25 per page

    postage:  actual cost


    The total sum owed shall be paid before the public record is released to the requestor.  If the duplication or transmission of a public record will cost one hundered dollars ($100.00) or more, that fee must be paid in advance of the request being processed.