Level 1 Course Outline

  1. Safety
  2. Introducing Hardware
    1. How Hardware Works with Software
    2. PC Hardware Components
  3. Form Factors, Power Supplies, and Working Inside a Computer
    1. Form Factors used by Computer Cases, Motherboards, and Power Supplies
    2. Types of Form Factors
    3. Measures and Properties of Electricity
    4. Selecting a Power Supply
    5. Protect Yourself and the Equipment against Electrical Dangers 
    6. How to Work Inside a Computer Case
    7. Troubleshooting the Electrical System 
  4. Motherboards
    1. Motherboard Types and Features
    2. How Startup BIOS Controls the Boot Process
  5. Supporting Processors
    1. Types and Characteristics of Processors
    2. Cooling Methods and Devices
    3. Selecting and Installing a Processor
  6. Upgrading Memory
    1. Memory Technologies
    2. How to Upgrade Memory
    3. Troubleshooting Memory 
  7. Supporting Hard Drives
    1. Inside a Hard Drive
    2. Hard Drive Interface Standards
    3. RAID: Hard Drives Working Together
    4. About Floppy Drives
    5. How to Select and Install Hard Drives
    6. Troubleshooting Hard Drives 
  8. Installing and Supporting I/O Devices
    1. Basic Principles to Support I/O Devices
    2. Types and Features of I/O Devices
    3. Installing Input Devices
    4. Installing and Configuring I/O Devices
    5. Troubleshooting I/O Devices
  9. Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage
    1. Multimedia Adapter Cards
    2. Optical Storage Technology
    3. How Much Data Can be Stored on Optical Discs
    4. Removable Storage
    5. Install and Configure Multimedia Peripherals
    6. Troubleshooting Multimedia Devices
  10. PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting Strategies
    1. Operational Procedures When Supporting Personal Computers
    2. Personal Computer
    3. How to Troubleshoot a PC Problem
  11. Supporting Printers
    1. Supporting Printers
    2. Maintaining Printers
    3. Troubleshooting Printers