Engineering Drafting – Mr. Bigger

Mike Bigger
(570) 584-2300


Welcome to the Engineering Drafting Technology program at the Lycoming Career and Technology Center (LycoCTC).  Engineering Drafting Technology is a three-year competency-based technical education program that prepares students for college and employment.  After mastering core competencies, students will enter into a specific career pathway related to mechanical, architectural, or civil drafting.  After completing two years, students have several options available to them such as accepting a position with an employer at a work-based training site, earning college credits at Pennsylvania College of Technology, earning college credits in the LycoCTC classroom, or receiving advanced level classroom assignments.

My responsibility, as your teacher, is to present the course material in an organized manner, assist you on an individual basis when needed, and guide you to a thorough understanding of Engineering Drafting Technology.  My goal is for you to be successful and to prepare you for college and future employment as a draftsperson!

Your responsibility, as a student, is to come to class prepared, complete projects and assignments in a timely manner, and to be respectful to everyone involved in your education at LycoCTC.

Instructor: Mike Bigger