Criminal Justice – Mrs. Farr

Catherine Farr
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The Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Program at Lyco CTC is a program for 10-12th grade students to learn about the law enforcement and criminal justice fields.  The class is run as a para-military program, mirroring a typical police department or sheriff’s office.

Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement is held five days a week, classes are 2 hours in the morning and a little over 2 hours in the afternoon.  Students are able to receive their academic classes at their sending schools in the morning or afternoon and then are bused into Lyco CTC for their Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement class.

Some examples of what we work on during the year are drill, physical training, case laws, court room procedures, crimes codes, vehicle codes, arrest procedures, investigations, building searches, handcuffing, vehicle stops, etc.  We also focus on available careers and qualifications you need to succeed in this field.

If you are a student who has participated in the program for three years, during your senior year you may qualify to attend classes at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  We also have some third year students work in career related internships during their senior year.

Many students have completed their senior year, and then entered the military, pursued degrees at college, started Act 120 training, and have entered the workforce directly.

If you think you are interested in our program, talk to your high school counselor. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Farr at