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Apply for Clearances


The Pennsylvania Legislature enacted Act 153 of 2014 and Act 15 of 2015 requiring companies entering into Cooperative Education or internship agreements (paid or unpaid) with public schools to designate one adult employee to obtain federal and state clearances. The individual selected must be the designated supervisor of the student. Once obtained, the clearances are valid for 60 months and can be used for multiple students. Please visit for further information on the legislation.

The required clearances are:

Act 34                Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check

Act 151              Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Act 114              Federal Criminal History Record (FBI Fingerprinting)


Act 34 and 151 can be completed online or on paper and mailed to the appropriate departments.  Act 114 registration must be completed online.


Act 34                                                                                       Fee:  Free for volunteers


Register and pay online with a credit card.  Once you submit your information, the results will be available immediately if no record exists, otherwise results may take several weeks.  Click on the Control Number and print the “Response for Criminal Record Check” document.  Please make note of your control number and the exact name entered in the system to access your results in the future.


Act 151                                            Fee:  Free for volunteers


You will need to create an account in order to login to the system to complete the online application.  Once you receive your temporary password, log onto the system and follow the directions.  You will need to provide all your past addresses since 1975 and everyone that you have ever lived with since 1975 and their relationship to you.  After completing the application, you will need to pay with a credit card before processing.  You can choose to get your results by email and/or regular mail.  Results may take up several weeks, due to backlog of requests. 


Act 114                                                                      Fee:  $22.60 (subject to change)

Click here for detailed registration instructions


Online completion of the clearances is highly recommended for quicker processing, but paper forms can be printed and mailed from all the above sites.  Clearance results must be submitted to Lyco before the student begins employment.